Welcome to DEF CON Urbana!


The obvious first question is: "You're doing what now?" Well, it's really up to the people who show up, but here are some of the things we had in mind:

Personal projects

If you have a personal project you want people to know about before the event, send them in and we can add them to the list. That will allow others to do some background research so they can better help. This isn't meant to be a list of all the things we will do, but rather a list of things we might do.

If you are interested in any of the above, please speak up. Some of them will require buying additional hardware or other preparation.

Collaboration info

In person is easy enough, just show up at some time after noon on the first day, sort out sleeping arrangements if you plan on spending the night, and you'll be in the thick of things.

For interacting remotely, we've been hosting small (< 10 people) gatherings regularly for more than a year now. Doing something larger will probably come with some growing pains. First, we'll go over the technical systems that we'll use to connect, then some that we might set up during the event. If you have suggestions, let Adam know.

Schedule (central time)

We are going to be streaming talks here and chatting about them on Matrix (see above), or Mastodon (also see above)