Most of the activity takes place in the Fediverse and Matrix.

If you are on any ActivityPub compatible social media, you can reach out to Adam (the main Signet developer and maintainer) at

There is also a Matrix channel at You can join this chatroom using a Matrix account on any server and a client of your choice.

We do have issue trackers for each of the git repositories, however registration is currently disabled on our GitLab server. The issue trackers allow everyone to see if an issue is known or a feature request is being tracked, but any comments or new issues will need to be directed at a team member to be opened, at least for the time being.

Code contributions are welcome as long as they are licensed under GPLv3. Patches can be submitted by reaching out the us via Matrix or the Fediverse, or you can fork the repo and upload it to your git hosting provider (e.g. and let us know that we should take a look and try to get it merged in.